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Romance has always been an important part of Once Upon a Time, and Season 2, Episode 12: “In the Name of the Brother” seemed to hint strongly at a ship that hasn't been touched on in ages: Dr. Whale (David Anders)/Ruby (Meghan Ory).

Although Whale sometimes hit on Ruby back in his womanizing days under the curse during Season 1, “In the Name of the Brother” was the first time we saw the two bond as their real selves. Ruby comforted Whale while he was agonizing over his past, reminding him that they all had painful memories, and the best they can do is use their new life as a chance to start over.

We were startled by how much this pairing made sense to us when we saw them talk, and apparently, we aren't alone in thinking they're a good match.

When a fan tweeted at David Anders "Ruby&Whale = Frankenwolf?" David replied, "God Damn right. We are adorable together." Meanwhile, writer Jane Espenson, who penned the episode, tweeted, "Frankenstein and a werewolf -- it just makes sense."

What do you think: Would you like to see this ship explored, or would you prefer Whale and Ruby remain friends who can share the pain of a dark past?

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Source: @QuestionAnders, @JaneEspenson