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And the battle continues! Last week we held the first round of Wetpaint Entertainment's Once Upon a Time bracket. After an overwhelming number of votes — the most contested race, Emma/Hook vs. Hook/Milah had 205,000+ votes! — we have our winners for the week. On to round two.

Some other fun notes. The couple that won this round with the largest percentage was Rumbelle (vs. Belle/Ruby), with 75% of the vote. The closest race was Snow/Charming vs. Regina/Daniel, with Snow/Charming edging out their competition by less than half a percent.

Now it's on to Round 2! As with Round 1, this round will run for a week, with polls closing on Sunday, April 28 at 11 p.m. ET/PT. And, remember, while this is a competition, it's supposed to be a fun competition, dearies! We hope fans keep the focus on supporting the ships they love, not tearing down the ones they don't like.

Aaaand: Vote!

Update 4/24: Due to potential bot problems, we've added Captcha protection to the votes. We know it's annoying, but so are bots. Sigh. You should still be able to vote as many times as you like, and hopefully this will help keep things fair. We want fan passion, not bots, to carry the day! 

Update 4/28: The polls are now closed. The next round will be open tomorrow by Noon ET.

Emma/Regina vs. Ruby/Whale


Grumpy/Nova vs. Hook/Milah


Rumple/Belle vs. Snow/Charming


Emma/Jefferson vs. Aurora/Mulan

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