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Though we’ve met Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time, most of his Peter Pan cohorts remain a mystery. However, considering the Season 2 finale is set to be centered around Neverland, it's no surprise that the situation will be changing soon.

Recently, we speculated that Emma and Neal’s upcoming scene on a beach could be connected to the two-part finale (Episode 21, “Second Star to the Right” and Episode 22, “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”), and if spoilers about the show’s recent casting are any indication, we’ll also be meeting at least three Lost Boys.

According to E! Online, OUAT is "currently casting three 16-year-old boys who are part of a sinister group. The leader Felix is tough, while the other two are identical twins and all three roles could becoming recurring.”

Whoa! Not only will we meet these boys in the finale, but they could be sticking around in Season 3? We can’t wait.

Do you agree that these new characters sound like Lost Boys? Are you excited to meet them? Most importantly: Do you think Peter Pan and Tinker Bell will come along with them, if not this year then in Season 3? Sound off below.

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 Source: E! Online


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