Once Upon a Time has plenty of amazing couples — we’re even facing them off in Wetpaint Entertainment’s ship bracket — but at the top of our lists and the bottom of our hearts is Rumbelle.

Throughout the hit fairy tale show’s two seasons, we’ve seen their ups and downs, including heartwarming reunions and heartbreaking, curse-fueled memory loss. However, if we’ve learned anything from The Notebook, you can never give up on the one you love, though in Belle’s case, her amnesia can hopefully be cured.

However, it looks like the OUAT writers are going to make us work to get them back together. In two new leaked snippets from this Sunday’s episode (Season 2, Episode 19: “Lacey”), we discover that Belle isn’t Belle anymore — she’s, as indicated by the ep name, Lacey — and Rumple/Mr. Gold is going to try to win her back! (Weirdly with the help of David, but we digress.)

You can read the snippets (one and two) and swoon, but we’ve made ‘em even more heartbreaking/heartwarming with memes. Check them out below, and then hit the comments with all of your feelings!

Credit: ABC/Wetpaint
Credit: ABC/Wetpaint Entertainment