Starting in the summer, there have been rumors that Once Upon a Time would soon visit the Land of Oz, introduce The Little Mermaid, and possibly even bring otherworldly non-fairy tale characters into the mix.

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Are you ready to have your mind blown? Not only will Oz and The Little Mermaid definitely get the OUAT treatment, but producers are considering opening the cast of characters up to include literary heroes, comic book icons, and even some Mark Twain.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Producers will eventually take Once characters to the Land of Oz and introduce their version of the Little Mermaid.” But their imagination might really run wild, bounding across genres and storytelling media. “After bringing in Mulan and Lancelot this year, producers are not ruling out figures from other genre-bursting non-fairy tale sources (like, say, Moby Dick, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Tron).”

Would you welcome the additions of non-fairy tale characters like Captain Ahab, Huck Finn, and Superman? Or would you rather there were some limitations so the show doesn’t turn into a TV version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the classic film centered around Toontown, where every cartoon from every era and style lived?

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Source: EW

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