Disneyland may be The Happiest Place on Earth, but it’s also good for some deep, personal introspection.

D23, the official Disney fan club, asked Once Upon a Time stars Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills/The Evil Queen), Raphael Sbarge (Dr. Hopper/Jiminy Cricket), and Josh Dallas (David Nolan/Prince Charming) to share some of their favorite Disney memories. Their answers are pretty telling.

Here’s just a sample, with two answers from Lana and Jennifer:

Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

Lana: “I have two, actually. Dumbo, which I love. That was my favorite Disney movie to watch with my dad. The other is The Little Mermaid. I think every little girl wants to be a mermaid. I would definitely swim out to sea and pray to the mermaid gods to turn me into a mermaid. The Little Mermaid was a favorite. I think initially I adored Ariel. As I got older, I found Ursula fascinating to watch. Her body language and the bigness in character. She’s not only big in size but in voice and in movement. I loved it. She also has some effect on a subconscious level in the development of the Evil Queen. Little nuances here and there, like in those fun scenes with Hansel and Gretel, there are scenes where I can play Ursula.”

Do you have a favorite Disney character?

Jennifer: “For me, it was always a strong tie between Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. Looking back, I think there were subconscious reasons. From the Cinderella perspective, I was a very misunderstood kid. I was a little slow to develop socially. I did well academically but my social skills kicked in later in life. I was an outsider, so I identified with her sense of being an outsider. With Alice, since I was five years old I knew I wanted to be an actor and was fascinated with the world and playing all these different characters. I identified with her going down the rabbit hole. That’s what my life has become, going on different adventures—different films and television shows that I get to be a part of.”

It’s hard to imagine Jennifer as a socially awkward outsider, but you never can tell what’s under the surface. Oh, Disney — how you help us all!

Check out the full story for many more answers from the actors.

Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres on September 30, 2012 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: D23

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