We love Once Upon a Time for the magic, the family relationships, and the cool twists on beloved characters, but let's be real — the shipping is important, too. Really, really important. That's why y'all are going wild over our ship bracket.

We're celebrating some of the most popular of the many awesome OUAT ships with GIFs, from canon True Love to the relationships that will probably only happen in fans' imagination and creative fanworks. And there's no non-canon ship bigger than Swan Queen (Emma/Regina, for the uninitiated).

The writers may not have an intended it, but there’s a compelling narrative to be had between these two gorgeous women — a story of redemption, salvation (Emma is the savior, right?), and the power of love. Oh, and crazy, red-hot sexual tension. That too. After they came together to save Storybrooke in the finale, this shape makes even more sense than ever.

And so we present you:

Swan Queen, a Celebration in GIFs!

Regina Needs to Learn to Love Again

 photo 1_zpsffe1b488.gif


And Who Better to Save Her Than the Savior?

 photo 2_zps0373798f.gif


They Already Share Something Very Important: Love for Their Son

 photo 3_zpsd17f33c1.gif


Emma's the Only One Willing to Reach Out

 photo 4_zps1f87ccff.gif


And Give Regina a Chance

 photo 5_zpsdd7d06f4.gif


And Even Sometimes Save Her

 photo 6_zps7aa4c7f2.gif
 photo 7_zps8244a8ce.gif


Regina Responds to That

 photo 8_zps7197965d.gif


Also Can We Talk About How Emma Literally Restarted Regina’s Magic?

 photo 9_zps24fd5500.gif


Or How the Subtext Can Be Just Plain Ridiculous?

 photo 10_zps2cdd623f.gif
 photo 11_zpse5cd3f68.gif


And Let’s Not Forget the Way They Got Under Each Others’ Skin From Day One

 photo 12_zps33f564f4.gif


Or How They Get Really Up In Each Others’ Face

 photo 13_zps63191e4c.gif


Like, Seriously, All the Time

 photo 15_zpsd78a542e.gif


With Really Fraught Stares

 photo 14_zps94419833.gif


Sometimes Their “Fighting” Starts to Looking a Little Like Foreplay...

 photo 16_zps0e026a0b.gif


Like, If This Isn't Sexual Tension, What Is?

 photo 17_zps09438f61.gif

You may not personally ship it, but dang, that subtext is blaring in neon lights.

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