Will the Mad Hatter soon be leaving Once Upon a Time  and getting his own series?

ABC is in talks to develop a spinoff featuring the Mad Hatter, which may require recasting the character, according to Deadline.

The network apparently hoped to base the spinoff around actor Sebastian Stan, who currently plays the Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time. 

However, Sebatian's schedule apparently won't allow him to commit to starring in a series, so the network is in the process of talking to other actors. Sebastian is preparing to film his role in the Captain America sequel.

Rumor has it that ABC is considering a 13-episode commitment to the spinoff, although the Mad Hatter character may still appear as a guest on Once Upon a Time down the road.

We think a Mad Hatter series would be pretty awesome, since so much about Wonderland is still unexplored on Once Upon a Time. However, the idea of Sebastian Stan not playing the character is definitely a bummer!

Would you tune in to a Mad Hatter series, or is there a different character whom you think should get their own spinoff?

Source: Deadline