Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Hopper) hasn’t had much to do on Once Upon a Time as of late, so we’re glad to hear he will be making an appearance in USA’s Necessary Roughness. Who will our Dr. Hopper be playing?

Raphael will play Carl Webber, “a high-level employee at V3, the sports and entertainment management company headed by Connor McClane (John Stamos),” reports TV Guide. Carl suffers from a “traumatic incident,” and seeks out help from Dr. Dani in the two-episode arc.

The episodes will also feature a mini-OUAT reunion, as recurring Necessary Roughness star David Anders (Dr. Whale on OUAT), will be back as Connor’s second-in-command. Let’s hope Dr. Whale has recovered from Rumple’s foot in his face in last week’s episode (Season 2, Episode 21: “Second Star to the Right”), and that Pongo has someone to look after him while Dr. Hopper is away.

Will you be watching Raphael in Necessary Roughness? Do you miss Dr. Hopper? Let us know in the comments section below!

Once Upon a Time’s Season 2 finale airs on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.