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It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Archie do much of anything other than get kidnapped on Once Upon a Time, and although series creator Adam Horowitz promises he’ll be back soon, we don’t appreciate going without our favorite cricket for so many episodes.

While his absence hasn’t been explained on-screen, we now know why he’s been MIA: portrayer Raphael Sbarge went to play a different doctor on ABC’s hit crime procedural Castle.

Raphael teased us with a few clues, first posting a picture of Richard Castle’s chair, and then a pic of him with Castle’s portrayer, Nathan Fillion! He followed it up with a photo of the stage door and director Jonathan Frakes, clearly enjoying himself on a completely different show.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Raphael Sbarge Tweets Pic From Castle Set

Give Me My Remote confirmed that Raphael will appear on the 20th episode of Castle, which is only a few weeks away! (The show just aired its 17th episode of Season 5 last night.) He will play Dr. Darrell Meeks, though details on his role are still under wraps.

We’re happy that Raphael is branching out, but this actually doesn’t explain his weeks-long absence — he just started filming this episode this week! Well, hopefully we’ll see more of him soon.

Source: Give Me My Remote

Castle airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


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