Once Upon a Time

August Booth

Storybrooke character: August Booth
Fairytale Land character: Pinocchio (played by Jakob Davies)
Fairytale origin based on: Pinocchio

You know the tale: Pinocchio was a puppet turned into a real boy after proving himself brave and selfless. His father, Geppetto, couldn't stand the idea of Pinocchio being caught by the curse, and secretly sent him to our world in the enchanted wardrobe, along with baby Emma. He was tasked with keeping Emma safe, but in the real world he ended up — after much internal debate — abandoning her in an orphanage when offered the chance to escape.

During Season 1, Pinocchio (who still has his memories, obviously) comes to Storybrooke, under the alias August Booth. He claims to be a writer, and takes an interest in Henry and his story book, and adds the Pinocchio story to the book. He also befriends Emma.

It turns out he's in Storybrooke because the spell that made him human is coming undone; he's turning back to wood. He tries to convince Emma to believe and break the curse. When that starts taking too long, he tricks Mr. Gold into thinking he's Gold's son, in an attempt to harness the Dark One's powers to save himself. When that doesn't work, he goes back to focusing on Emma. However, by the time she comes around, he has already turned to entirely to wood.

Status: Transformed into wood
Relatives: Geppetto/Marco (father)
Enemies: Mr. Gold

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