Storybrooke character: Unknown
Fairytale Land character: Cora
Fairytale origin based on: Rumplestiltskin (according to showrunner Edward Kitsis)

Cora is Regina's mother. She was once a miller's daughter, but by the time she first showed up in Season 1 she well off; she also has magic. She was generally cruel to Regina, and she conspired to create circumstances in which King Leopold would notice Regina and request her hand in marriage; when it worked, she accepted the offer, regardless of Regina's feelings on the matter. Thanks to a naively given tip from Snow White, she caught Regina trying to run away with the stable boy, Daniel; she ripped Daniel's heart out of his chest and forced Regina to go through with the marriage.

It is unknown if she was alive at the time of the curse; if she was, we have not yet met her Storybrooke character.

Status: Unknown (last seen alive)
Relatives: Regina (Daughter), Henry (Husband)
Enemies: Unknown; possibly Regina

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