Storybrooke character: Granny
Fairytale Land character: Granny/Widow Lucas, Red Riding Hood’s grandmother
Fairytale origin based on: Red Riding Hood

Granny runs two known businesses in Storybrooke out of the same building: the Bed and Breakfast, where Emma first stayed when she arrived in Storybrooke; and the diner downstairs, where her granddaughter Ruby works as a waitress.

In Fairytale Land, Granny tries to keep the truth about her family from granddaughter Red. But after Red discovers that she killed her boyfriend Peter in wolf form, Granny tells her that she became a wolf after one killed her entire family. She went on to marry the wolf, who is Red’s grandfather.

Red’s mother had the same curse, and she was killed by humans right after having Red. Granny still has some wolf traits.

Status: Alive
Relatives: Husband (deceased), daughter (deceased), granddaughter (Red).
Enemies: Anyone who kills wolves.

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