Once Upon a Time

King George

Storybrooke character: Albert Spencer
Fairytale Land character: King George

King George is James's adoptive father — but originally it was not the James we know as Charming. No, it was Charming's twin, who Charming's parents traded in exchange for the ability to support themselves. When George's James died after promising to kill a dragon for King Midas, Rumplestiltskin convinced Charming to take his brother's place. What was supposed to be a temporary measure became permanent when George threatened Charming's family, forcing him to accept Abigail as his fiance so George could secure an alliance with King Midas.

When George later discovered Charming had fallen in love with Snow White he made it his goal to destroy the relationship; when that didn't work, he hunted Charming down instead, and agreed to trade him to Regina, though Snow and friends thwart that effort. Unsurprisingly, he is not well loved by our heroes.

In Storybrooke, Albert Spencer is the District Attorney. He seems to be somewhat in league with Regina, and interrogates Mary Margaret while she's under arrest for Kathryn's "murder."

Status: Alive
Relatives: Prince James (both of them, adopted)
Enemies: James Charming, Snow White

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