Once Upon a Time

Little Red Riding Hood

Storybrooke character: Ruby
Fairytale Land character: Red Riding Hood
Fairytale origin based on: Red Riding Hood

Red isn't just Little Red Riding Hood — she's the big bad wolf, too!

She grew up in a village that was always attacked by a wolf during the full moon. She befriended Snow White as Snow is on the run from Regina. After following the wolf's tracks, they found that they turned into a man's tracks and led to Red's window, leading them to conclude the (were)wolf was Red's true love, Peter, who had visited her window. Unfortunately, they got it wrong Red was the wolf, and she ended up tragically killing Peter. She remained Snow's friend, and assisted her during her various fights against Regina. Her red cloak is enchanted, and stops her from turning.

In Storybrooke, Ruby is a rebellious girl who lives with her grandmother and works at her diner. She's friends with Emma, Mary Margaret, and Ashley.

Status: Alive
Relatives: Granny
Enemies: Regina

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