Once Upon a Time

Prince Charming

Storybrooke character: David Nolan
Fairytale Land character: Prince Charming
Fairytale origin based on: Snow White and the Huntsman/Snow White the Seven Dwarves

Prince Charming and his twin brother were born to a peasant family in Fairytale Land. After his parents made a deal with Rumplestiltskin, Charming’s brother was sent away to live with King George and be raised as his son. Charming’s brother was killed right after King George had made a deal with King Midas to have his son slay a dragon that was plaguing Midas’ kingdom in exchange for gold. Since King George’s kingdom was strapped for cash, George made a deal with Rumplestiltskin to have Charming take his brother’s place. Charming eventually slayed the dragon and was arranged to be married to Midas’ daughter Abigail.

While on a trip with Abigail in the woods, Charming ran into Snow White who was attempting to rob his carriage. The two fell in love, even though they knew that they couldn’t be together. Eventually, Charming’s kiss wakes Snow White out of a slumber and the two get married. The pair have one daughter, Emma, who they save from The Evil Queen’s curse by putting her in a special tree-shaped cupboard.

David lives in Storybrooke with his wife Kathryn. After a big fight with Kathryn, David decides that he is leaving Storybrooke but eventually suffers a coma. While in a coma, he comes under the care of Mary Margaret, who was volunteering at the hospital. When David wakes up, he is torn between his newfound love for Mary Margaret and the sense of obligation he has for his estranged wife.

Status: Alive
Relatives: Snow White (wife), Emma Swan (daughter), Henry Mills (grandson), Kathryn Nolan (Storybrooke wife), King George (adopted father), Prince Charming twin (twin brother)
Enemies: Regina Mills, King George, Rumplestiltskin 

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