Once Upon a Time

Snow White

Storybrooke character: Mary Margaret Blanchard
Fairytale Land character: Snow White
Fairytale origin based on: Snow White and the Huntsman/Snow White the Seven Dwarves

Snow White was born in Fairytale Land to King Leopold and his first wife, who died sometime after Snow’s birth. King Leopold remarried The Evil Queen, who hated Snow and forced The Huntsman to carry her into the woods and murder her. The Huntsman felt sorry for Snow and let her go, and she began living on her own in the woods. She soon ran into Prince Charming and the two fell deeply in love. Snow attempted to sneak in King George’s castle to see Prince Charming and declare her love for him, but she got caught and was thrown into jail with a dwarf named Grumpy. After the two escape the jail, Snow begins to live with the dwarves, who also live in the forest. Regina, who still wants to kill Snow, sends her a poisoned apple, which Snow eats. Snow falls into a deep slumber and is only awakened when Prince Charming gives her a kiss. The two are married, but Regina is still angry, and plots a curse to punish all of Fairytale Land. Before the curse takes effect, Snow and Prince Charming have a daughter, Emma, that they save by putting her in a special tree cabinet.

Mary Margaret is Henry’s teacher in Storybrooke. She is single but soon falls in love with David, a coma patient at the hospital where she used to volunteer. After David wakes up from his coma, Mary Margaret develops a serious crush on him but knows that the two can’t be together since he is married. Mary lives with Emma, who she invited into her home after Emma was kicked out of the Inn.

Status: Alive
Relatives:  Prince Charming (husband), Regina/The Evil Queen (stepmother) Emma Swan (daughter) Henry Mills (grandson), King Leopold (father), Ruth (mother)
Enemies: Regina Mills

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