Once Upon a Time

The Evil Queen

Storybrooke character: Regina Mills
Fairytale Land character: The Evil Queen/Regina
Fairytale origin based on: Snow White and the Huntsman/Snow White the Seven Dwarves

Queen Regina was born Fairytale Land to a somewhat wealthy family. Regina fell in love with her stable boy, Daniel, but her mother, who was obsessed with becoming wealthy, didn’t approve of the relationship. When Regina was out on a riding lesson, she rescued a young girl whose horse had lost control and later learned that it was Snow White. After Snow’s widowed father heard about the incident, he proposed to Regina. Sadly, Regina was still in love with Daniel, and asked him if the two of them could run away together. He agreed, but Snow overheard the couple’s plan, and told Regina’s mother Cora, who killed Daniel in response to Snow’s story. Regina went on to marry King Leopold, but she became increasingly more evil and resentful towards Snow.

While with Leopold, Regina had a fling with the Genie, who she tricked into killing her husband with a pair of poisonous snakes. Once King Leopold was gone, Regina sought her revenge on Snow, attempting to kill her several times, and eventually cursing the entire kingdom in response to her marriage to Prince Charming.

Regina is one of the eviler characters in Fairytale Land and her story often touches each character's’ own story in some way. Her main goal is to always gain more power and get revenge on her enemies.

Regina Mills is the mayor of Storybrooke and, during Season 1, was one of two characters who could remember their Fairytale Land selves. She adopted Henry from Emma and has lived with him in Storybrooke ever since. Regina had a secret relationship with Sheriff Graham and is close friends with reporter Sidney Glass.

Status: Alive
Relatives:  Cora (mother), Henry (father), Henry Mills (son), Snow White (stepdaughter)
Enemies: Snow White, Prince Charming, Cora

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