Once Upon a Time

The Mad Hatter

Storybrooke character: Jefferson
Fairytale Land character: The Mad Hatter
Fairytale origin based on: Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

In Fairytale Land, Jefferson is a poor hat-maker who lives with his daughter Grace. The Queen stops by their house and asks for his help. In exchange, Grace will “want for nothing.” He is wary, but after a trip to the market the next day where he wants to buy a stuffed rabbit for Grace and can’t afford it, he leaves Grace with his neighbors and accompanies the Queen on her quest.

It turns out that she wants to go to Wonderland, and he is capable of getting them there with magic. Once they arrive, Jefferson warns the Queen that if two people enter, then two must come back. She agrees. They find the Queen of Hearts, who is holding Regina’s beloved father Henry hostage. In exchange, she leaves Jefferson behind. The two going back will be the Queen and her father, and Jefferson is stuck in Wonderland.

After a swift beheading by the Queen of Hearts, he divulges everything he knows about the Queen, and is given his body back. He is told that if he makes one perfect hat, he will be allowed to go back home. Instead, he is stuck in Wonderland, and driven mad by making thousands and thousands of hats, one after the other.

In Storybrooke, Jefferson watches his daughter Grace from a distance. She lives with adoptive parents, and has no idea who he is. He thinks that Emma can use magic to create the perfect hat, and that she will be the answer to his prayers to finally be with his daughter again.

Status: Alive
Relatives: Daughter (Grace), Grace’s mother (unknown)
Enemies: The Evil Queen

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