One Direction Charity Drawings Worth $200K Destroyed by Penis Doodle
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One Direction

One Direction Charity Drawings Worth $200K Destroyed by Penis Doodle


One Direction is at the center of a police investigation after drawings of the group worth $200,000 were obscenely defaced with a penis.

The world’s biggest band are upset after the original sketches of them - drawn by the world famous kid’s illustrator Julia Patton - were lost and vandalized while in transit to the stars in London.

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The valuable pictures depict Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis as a group of frogs called 'Pond Direction,' which the boys helped create for a new children’s book called The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex.


The Brits teamed-up with a host of other names from the world of music, sport and showbiz to write the book — about the adventures of a half-girl, half-dinosaur called Fiona Rex — which is expected to raise millions for charity after being released worldwide.

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The original artwork was to be signed by the band and auctioned off for charity. It is believed they would have raised up to $200K at the star-studded event.

A total of 25 celebrities, including Kate Moss, Sir Paul McCartney, and Bear Grylls, teamed up to write the book for Children in Need (which is now available to buy here)

Now police are hunting the vandal after the courier firm TNT failed to find the culprit.

The devastated illustrator, Julia Patton, said, “I couldn't believe what had happened. I had spent months creating these characters and pages for all of the stars. And then suddenly they all disappear with the courier firm and then turn up a month later — opened up, ripped up, and with a penis scrawled all over it.


"You don’t expect to pay a global courier company to take care of your work things and then for them to return it in that state and with a penis added as well!,” she continued. “If it wasn’t so offensive I would shrug this off as childish but this was my original artwork, my trade and whoever drew the penis didn’t stop there, they added a little bit of extra detail at the end as well. It really was sickening.

“I was in tears when I saw what had happened to all my work. I actually cried my heart out – which I know sounds silly, but I really was just so heartbroken that someone would do that without question."

Julia had sent the original drawings to her publisher Fat Fox for them to then be forwarded to the One Direction lads to sign some and keep others before being auctioned off by world famous Bonhams for the Children in Need charity.

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But their lots had to be scrapped after the work went missing and the money was never raised.

“I just feel sorry for Children in Need and all the underprivileged kids because they are the losers in all of this. I was flattered that my drawings were expected to raise so much cash for the charity but I do know that it was the fact that it was because of One Direction that it’s value was so high!

“I am sending the boys the sketches again and maybe they can raise some more funds for Children in Need with them?”


A spokesman for the courier firm said, "TNT apologises unreservedly for the distress and inconvenience caused by the regrettable loss and subsequent damage to this piece of artwork.

“We have been in constant communications with the customer since this unfortunate issue arose and have undertaken an intensive investigation. While we have identified a breakdown in process which led to the item being misplaced, we have regrettably been unable to identify how, when or where the damage occurred."

The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex is a one-of-a-kind project where each celeb was invited to pen a page of the book, having only seen the last line of the previous page. The results were hilarious and saw each star taking Fi Rex on a roller coaster of ride through their imaginations.

One Direction took time out from writing their new album to create their chapter of the story. They team up in the book with Sir Paul McCartney - who resurrects the famous Frog Chorus characters from his 1983 hit We All Stand Together, while the 1D boys appear as a frog band – called Pond Direction.

Here is a sneak preview of the book for you: