One Direction’s “Perfect” Music Video Is a Definite Taylor Swift Dig
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One Direction

One Direction’s “Perfect” Music Video Is a Definite Taylor Swift Dig


Taylor Swift may have a PhD in breakup songs, but One Direction totally out-shaded the master with their music video for “Perfect.”

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“Perfect’s” video originally seems like pretty average fare — it’s almost boring after their out-of-this-world performance for “Drag Me Down.”


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The million and one black and white clouds are a total snoozefest until you realize their nefarious significance. Harry, 21, who co-wrote the song, sings the line most clearly about his “Bad Blood” performing ex: “If you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about...”

On one of the walls of his suite, a projection of clouds plays behind him.


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The stormy imagery immediately looks familiar to anyone who’s ever seen T. Swizzle’s “Style” music video. The #squad leader, 25, belts the track — which is 1000% about her Mick Jagger-esque ex —in front of a screen that has the exact same scene on it.

The Brit boy banders all but graffitied the blonde bombshell’s name in the background a la Justin Bieber!


The group dropped the video as an apparent apology to fans. The quartet canceled a show in Belfast, Ireland only 30 minutes before they were supposed to perform because Liam Payne had fallen ill.


Hopefully he’s feeling better — and TayTay’s managed to get some ice for her “Perfect” burn!