Credit: Youtube still Photo: One Direction - Talk Dirty to Me

Got a serious case of the Mondays? Here, let us help you get rid of those — with what we can only describe as The Best Video You’ve Ever Seen… if you’re a One Direction fan (or human life form in general).

During their 1D Day on Saturday to celebrate their fans and the release of their latest album, Midnight Memories, the One Direction boys got together to film a video goofing off to Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty to Me.”

Wait, you missed 1D Day? You’re telling us you had better things to do on a Saturday than watch a 7 hour live stream of One Direction attempting world records and modeling fan-made t-shirts? It’s hard to believe, but we guess it could be possible. Don’t stress if you did miss it — we’ve got the video ready for you so you can catch up.

Speaking of the video, it watches like a buffet line of every conceivable way you could want to see the guys of 1D — Harry Styles shirtless? Check. Niall Horan with an adorable baby? Check. Liam Payne doing the famed Carlton Banks dance? Check.

And don’t worry, Jason Derulo’s already seen the video — and he loves it.

Yooo @onedirection that was cray! I laughed dumb hard!” he tweeted. “Ppl Ya’ll gotta see this! Next time invite me my dudes!!!”

Yes. Please. Let there be a next time.

Need a pick-me-up or just enjoy watching videos of adorable British boys, like we do? Check out the video below — we swear not to tell if you watch it more than once.

Source: YouTube / Twitter