Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Staff Photo: One Direction on August 26, 2013

While everyone from Sharon Osbourne to Miley Cyrus has stepped up to the plate to weigh in on what they think Justin Bieber should to do whip his life back in shape, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has a different approach.

During what we can only assume turned out to be a relatively awkward interview at the BRIT Awards, the guys all stayed mum when host James Corden asked them if they’ve seen Justin since his arrest… and whether or not they told him “what guys do to people who look like him in prison.”

Yikes. We wouldn’t touch that question with a ten foot pole either, guys.

Finally, Louis spoke up — because somebody had to — and, according to Us Weekly, said that his message to the 19-year-old jailbird is to “Keep strong and keep doing what you’re doing.”

Which, you know, is pretty bad advice. We’re all for staying strong in the face of adversity, but the opposite of what Justin should be doing is to continue down the path he’s on. And James didn’t let that one get past him, quickly chiming in that “That’s horrible advice!”

We have a feeling Louis didn’t mean that Justin should keep getting arrested, though — he probably just meant to encourage Justin to keep working on his music despite what everyone is saying about him.

If only it’d come out that way.

Source: Us Weekly