It’s Christmas in July! Well, almost. On Sunday, One Direction fans had a major freakout when Liam Payne purportedly shared a nude photo of himself. But don’t worry — he didn’t totally give up the goods!

Credit: Instagram

In the photo, Liam posed seemingly naked on a boat, looking a little confused, as most of us do when we find ourselves out at sea without our clothing. Much to the dismay of many of his fans, though, Liam made sure to censor a certain area with a blurred out box.

“Damn that was my last pair!” Liam captioned the photo, in reference to the underwear he must have just lost.

The photo garnered over 560,000 likes and thousands of comments begging Liam to share the uncensored version of the picture. The good news? The 20-year-old was happy to oblige. The bad news? The original photo wasn’t exactly what the fans expected.

Because instead of full frontal nudity, we simply found out that Liam had never been naked in the first place. In the original, Liam’s wearing a pair of navy blue underwear (or possibly even a Speedo?). “Oh I found them never mind,” he wrote.

Since Liam isn’t known for playing with our hearts this way, we’ll give him a pass this time. But if his bandmate (and bestie) Harry Styles ever tries a trick like this? We will never forgive him. Don’t toy with us, Styles! Consider this your official warning.


Credit: NDN Photo: One Direction's Liam Payne Strips For Instagram (VIDEO)