One Oklahoma Mother Shares the Heroic Measures She Used to Keep Her Kids Alive
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One Oklahoma Mother Shares the Heroic Measures She Used to Keep Her Kids Alive

Tornadoes ravaged the area just outside Oklahoma City today, leaving at least ten dead in its wake, with the death toll almost certainly rising. Houses have been leveled, roofs were ripped off buildings, and debris became lethal weapons in the air. Lando Hite, who was near the Orr Family Farm in Moore, OK, when the tornado struck today, said, “It was just like the movie Twister. There were horses and stuff flying around everywhere.” Rescuers are desperately searching for students trapped in debris at Plaza Towers Elementary School, which held 75 students and staff. The stories of devastation continue to grow, and one Oklahoma mom shared her harrowing ordeal.

A News 9 reporter was on the scene, delivering details on the twister, when the stunned woman wandered over to the reporter, nearly inconsolable from what she had just experienced.

“It’s gone. Our cars and where our house was. Everything is gone,” the mother said, barely catching her breath as recalled how she kept her two kids alive.

Following directions from her husband, the woman took her kids into the bathtub, put the mattress on top of them, and shielded the three of them. Even then, though, she says the tornado nearly snatched her daughter from her own arms. As she said, “it hit our house and I held [her daughter]in by her hair… it was trying to take her away.”

Despite all her worldly belongings being leveled by the eye of this terrible storm, the woman is thankful her family is okay. Many more families are still awaiting the news of their kids, as people who are trying to help at Plaza Towers Elementary School are being turned away so rescue workers can do their best to uncover what and who is under the rubble. News helicopters are being asked to give a wide radius, as rescue workers want to be able to hear any cries for help.

We certainly send our thoughts and prayers to everyone in Oklahoma today.


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05.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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