Oops! Kiddie Pool Photoshop Fail Makes Us Uncomfortable (PHOTO)
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Oops! Kiddie Pool Photoshop Fail Makes Us Uncomfortable (PHOTO)

It’s almost time for summer, and a lot of moms are no doubt excited to spend time with their kids in the backyard, goofing around in the kiddie pool.

But this? This is totally not what we were getting at. Check out the mom with the wandering left hand in this packaging for a Cars-themed kiddie pool made by Disney. We’re not sure how this disturbing scene passed the proofing phase, but the pool party foul definitely creeps us out. And while we now know, thanks to Reddit user Matenbock, that it was all a big Photoshop misunderstanding, you have to wonder how something that odd could make its way onto the e-commerce websites where he found it.

Of course, retailers like Amazon and eBay quickly realized their mistake, and took down the offending photo. Not soon enough in our opinion. Icky!

Source: Reddit

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05.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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