Andy Cohen Opens Up About Rumored Engagement to Hockey Star Sean Avery
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Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen Opens Up About Rumored Engagement to Hockey Star Sean Avery

Andy Cohen may pry into the lives of other people nightly on Watch What Happens Live, but when it comes to his own personal life, the truth doesn't always come out as quickly.

Case in point: for weeks now, rumors have been swirling about Andy and former NHL star Sean Avery, with many sources reporting that the pair are engaged.

While Andy’s dad, Louis, admitted, "I’ve never even met Sean. Andy’s not dating anyone, to my knowledge. He’s just so busy,” fans weren’t content to live in a world where someone so adorable could end up without a professional athlete for a husband, so the rumors persisted until Andy took the reigns and spoke up himself.

When congratulated on his upcoming nuptials by a TMZ cameraman, Andy told the paparazzo, “Dude, Sean Avery is straight. Do you understand that?”

The visibly perturbed host continued, “A gay guy and a straight guy should be able to be friends without you asking me if we’re engaged.”

Lightening the mood, he added, “Listen, I’d be happy if Sean and I were banging, but it’s not… you know.”

While we'd love to see Andy's A-list wedding, we just hope he enjoys the single life for now... almost as much as he enjoys the awkward conversation he gets to have with Sean about why he told paparazzi he wants to have sex with him.

Source: TMZ

09.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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