Orange Is the Black Season 3 Spoilers: Whose Mother Is Showing Up?
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the Black Season 3 Spoilers: Whose Mother Is Showing Up?

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 debuted just a few weeks ago, but many fans have already binged watched the entire season, and are now looking ahead to Season 3. There isn't a whole lot of info out there about the next chapter of the prison drama, but we do know about one new face that's coming to town: Mary Steenburgen is joining the cast. And now we can add a little info to that factoid: She's going to play someone's mother.

TVLine got the scoop, saying only that Mary will play a mom to one of the current characters. We also know she's in a recurring role, so chances are she's not just showing up for a single flashback episode.

So, who's mom could it be? Piper and Larry are out, since we've met their parents. Same with Crazy Eyes and Nicky. Alex's mom is dead. Obviously, Mary is white, so that also narrows things down some (though adoption, remarriage, etc. are all options). She's 61, so she can't plausibly play the (current) mother of the older inmates.

Who does that leave us with? Here are our top guesses:

Morello. Yael Stone (Lorna Morell) has been promoted to series regular which suggests she might have an even bigger role next year, and Mary certainly looks like she could play her mom.

John Bennett. With a baby on the way, Bennett might need some motherly help.

Brook Soso. Brook seems like the kind of person whose parents would visit often, and might even get involved in trying to better the conditions at Litchfield, so perhaps that's the role Mary will play.

Polly Harper. We don't really want the Polly and Larry plotline to take up even more space next season, but if the show does decide to continue to track their relationship, it's possible Polly's mother could come into play. Perhaps she'll disapprove of the whole "leaving your husband for your BFF's fiancé" thing?

Pennsatucky. We'd love to meet Pennsatucky's mom. Period.

Whose mother do you think Mary Steenburgen will play? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TVLine