Orange Is the New Black Star Responds to Julianne Hough’s “Problematic” Blackface Costume
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Julianne Hough

Orange Is the New Black Star Responds to Julianne Hough’s “Problematic” Blackface Costume

While both Julianne Hough and her brother Derek have apologized for her controversial costume choice, the getup is still making waves.

The actress stepped out as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren from the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black over the weekend, donning an orange jump suit with a prison tag and wearing blackface.

While Uzo Aduba, the actress who plays Crazy Eyes, hasn’t responded to Julianne’s costume choice, another Orange Is the New Black star is now speaking out.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly on Monday, October 28, actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox said that while she was happy Julianne and her pals dressed up as characters from the show, she didn’t approve of the blackface aspect of the costume.

"I think it's great she likes our show. Crazy Eyes is my favorite character besides mine, too," she said. "But it's really interesting that she doesn't seem to understand. It's historically tricky in this country to re-create blackface. I'm not opposed to someone having their form of expression, but she seemed to be completely unaware of the historical implications going in, and I think that's problematic. If you want to make a choice like that, I think it's important to understand the historical context you are walking into."

Julianne has since apologized for what her brother Derek admitted wasn’t “her brightest moment,” saying it was never her intention to hurt or offend.

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Source: E! News