Everything We Learned in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Flashbacks
Orange Is the New Black Season 4
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Orange is the New Black

Everything We Learned in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Flashbacks


Now that we’re well acquainted with Piper, Sophia, Alex, Taystee, and other central characters, Orange Is the New Black Season 4 put the spotlight on the supporting players. Here are the stories their flashbacks revealed.

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  • Maria fell in love with a Mexican boxer, upsetting her father, who was the leader of a Dominican Pride organization. Her father threw her out of the house as a result.

  • Soso campaigned to stop the construction of a new Walmart through Stop Corporate Greed — a club which also included her ex and her crush — and she met and befriended a registered sex offender whose only offense was having sex on a beach.
SoSo on Orange Is the New Black
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  • Healy’s mom was treated for mental illness when he was a kid, and she tried to get him to convince his dad to ease her medications. As an adult, he happened upon her on a city block, the first time he had seen her in years. He treated her to dinner, only to realize the addled woman wasn’t his mom.

  • Maritza went from conning customers at a bar she worked at to conning a customer at a Maserati dealership, taking him for a test drive… before she and her mark were joined by an actual employee. Once the jig was up, she lured them both out of the car and then drove off with it.

  • Lolly once worked as a newspaper reporter but lost her good standing by writing too many unsolicited, conspiracy-driven investigations. She ended up living in a shanty, swapping coffee for food and company. She started hearing voices, which happened to intensify just as two police officers approached her.

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  • Blanca worked as a caregiver for an insufferable old woman named Millie. When Blanca fell for Millie’s gardner, Dario. Picking up on Blanca and Dario’s chemistry, Millie fired him. Blanca and Dario got revenge by having loud sex in her bedroom in the middle of the night, much to Millie’s shock. After that, Millie was submissive to Blanca.
Crazy Eyes on Orange Is the New Black
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  • Suzanne earned Employee of the Month Status as a greeter at a Super Emporium, but couldn’t find a social life outside of work. She tried to find a friend in Dylan, a young boy she met at Super Emporium, innocently inviting him to his house. He freaked and called 911, then fell off her fire escape as she tried to save him.

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  • Bayley was a miscreant teenager, climbing the town water tower, stealing from his workplace, egging his boss’s house, and even egging Litchfield inmates including Frieda, who screamed “I’m a human being!” Her chastising seemed to inspire a change of heart in him.

  • Poussey had a fun night out in New York City with her friends, which became a grand adventure when they got separated and Poussey had to rely on the kindness of strangers to find her way back.

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