Credit: Paul Shiraldi for Netflix

It's official, guys: Alex Vause is coming back!

The Orange Is the New Black favorite had a reduced role in Season 2, thanks to scheduling conflicts for actress Laura Prepon, but Laura has cleared her schedule for Season 3.

The former That '70s Show star confirmed the good news on TODAY on June 10, saying that she's "definitely" back full time for the third season.

"I'm really excited, because I missed everybody so much during Season 2," she gushed. That's not a surprise; not only was Laura only in a handful of episodes, but most of her scenes were on her own, or only with Taylor Schilling (Piper).

"We started shooting yesterday," Laura added. "It's awesome. I can't wait to get back to work!"

While Laura didn't spill any details about how Alex comes back, it seems pretty safe to assume that she winds up back behind bars in Litchfield after being caught with a gun by her parole officer at the end of Season 2. That should make for some juicy drama, especially once she inevitably figures out Piper's the one who alerted that officer to her escape plans.

There's no official release date for Orange Is the New Black Season 3, but it's currently expected to take over your life for a weekend some time in 2015.

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Source: TODAY