Original Myrcella Responds to Being Recast
Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO ©2011 Home Box Office    
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Game of Thrones

Original Myrcella Responds to Being Recast

Game of Thrones has gotten into the habit of recasting already existing characters more frequently of late, with the characters Daario, The Mountain, and Tommen Baratheon all being portrayed by new actors in Season 4. The latest character to undergo the change is Tommen’s sister Myrcella, who will now be played by Nell Tiger Free in Season 5 after actress Aimee Richardson portrayed the character in seasons 1 and 2.

So how is Aimee, who stayed very involved with the Game of Thrones fan community during her (now permanent) hiatus from the show, dealing with the disappointing news?

Quite well, it turns out. Aimee posted a clip to Vine which shows her sitting on a curb and sighing while wearing a tiara and holding a sign that reads: “Princess for hire.” The clip is accompanied by the caption: “Well, this is embarrassing.”

We’re glad to see Aimee has such a great sense of humor about being recast, since she seemed to be under the impression that she would eventually be returning to the show. After Joffrey’s death, the actress posted a clip to Vine which showed the king’s death followed immediately by her placing a crown on her own head and declaring, “I’m ready.”

Even though she’s no longer in contention for the crown of Westeros, it seems like Aimee can still battle Maisie Williams for Vine supremacy!

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