The Originals’ Daniel Gillies on Whether Elijah Still Loves Katherine
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals’ Daniel Gillies on Whether Elijah Still Loves Katherine

The Originals forestalled two romances with its mere existence: Klaroline and Kalijah. During the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Daniel Gillies told reporters that just because Elijah left Katherine (Nina Dobrev) to follow his brother to New Orleans, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about The Vampire Diaries’ vixen.

In fact, Elijah might be drawn to her even more because Katherine’s been cured of her vampirism. “Now that she's human, she's all the more sexy," said Daniel. "Elijah loves humanity. He's in love with humanity. I made that decision for him a long time ago, and I always try to squeeze it into the performances. … I think the more humble she becomes, the more madly in love with her he will fall."

That’s interesting, because it means Katherine will have to find an excuse to stay in Mystic Falls, despite her ex’s affection. Perhaps Elijah’s rejection hurt her pride — or maybe she’s too afraid to road trip now that she’s all mortal and vulnerable?

Regardless of what’s going on in his love life, we’re excited to see Elijah play a bigger role on The Originals. In fact, the entire first episode will be a replay of the backdoor pilot, told from the sharp-dressed vampire’s point of view. "It's happening at the same time as the pilot's happening but you're seeing it from Elijah's perspective," Daniel explained. "So Elijah will be interacting with a bunch of characters and then you'll see him turn a corner, and then suddenly we're in a scene from the pilot, and it's a really neat."

Does that mean we get more of his badass fight scene when he saved Sophie (Daniella Pineda) from Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) minions? Because that was the best.

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