The Originals: Five Elijah Scenes We Want to See
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals: Five Elijah Scenes We Want to See

One of the many great things about The Originals being its own series is that it means our yearly (bi-yearly if we’re lucky) dose of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will soon turn into our weekly dose of Elijah. With that comes so many opportunities. And we’re not just talking about all of the different hairstyles Elijah can experiment with. This time around, Elijah can’t run away every time his morals tell him to. Not only does he have siblings to look after, but he has a niece/nephew on the way. If The Originals backdoor pilot taught us anything, it’s that Elijah will do anything to look after the baby wolf.

The best part of all of this? Well, besides getting to look at his beautiful face every week. We will finally get to learn more about him beyond the fact that he loves suits or has a hard time letting go of his precious Katerina. More specifically, here are the five Elijah moments we can’t wait to watch:

He shows his fangs: Elijah entered our lives in The Vampire Diaries Season 2, and through the years, we have seen him compel vampires, turn coins into a deadly weapon, rip out countless hearts, kidnap Elena (Nina Dobrev), and nearly kill his own brother. But something was missing from each of those scenes. Believe it or not, we’ve never seen Elijah “vamp out.” And as amazing as it is that he is able to exude such power without using his fangs, we can’t help but think that the man is going to wear them well. Fangs and a suit? Double yum.

Elijah has vamp sex: Last season, we finally got to see Klaus (Joseph Morgan) engage in… relations. And let’s face it: If the writers are really going to explore Elijah, there’s going to be a woman at some point. Sure, it could be Katherine (Nina Dobrev), but it doesn’t need to be. A man that pretty can’t have trouble finding a willing participant, um, anywhere.

He learns that Katherine is now human: Speaking of Katherine, the twist at the end of TVD Season 4 certainly affects the Original family, even if they’re way down in Louisiana. The thing Elijah always managed to hold on to was his love of the human Katerina he knew way back when. He claimed that the vicious Katherine was merely a facade. So the moment that he realizes his Katerina is fangless once again, our money is on the fact that he gives us a face worthy of a million GIFS.

The first time he holds his niece/nephew in his arms: Elijah is sexy for many reasons, but his morals are what set him apart from every other vampire on the show. Underneath his stoic exterior, Elijah is a big old softy. That is the exact reason why watching him hold a new family member in his arms is probably going to be the second sweetest moment in Originals history, right behind Klaus holding the child for the first time. Ugh. We’ve never been so jealous of a newborn.

He faces off with Marcel: Klaus might be the Original Hybrid, but Elijah is his all-powerful big brother. And based on his ability to get his siblings to listen to him, Elijah’s more or less the leader of the Originals. So you know that he’s going to have the “leave my family alone” speech with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) at some point. And the idea of those two sets of brown eyes staring each other down is downright sinful.

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