The Originals’ Joseph Morgan on Klaus and Caroline, a Crazy Episode 3
The Originals’ Joseph Morgan on Klaus and Caroline, a Crazy Episode 3
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals’ Joseph Morgan on Klaus and Caroline, a Crazy Episode 3


Every time the cast and crew of The CW’s new fall show The Originals tweet about the latest script they’ve read, it seems crazier than the last. CBS’s Summer TCA All-Star Party was held recently, and when reporters spoke with Joseph Morgan (Klaus) about the upcoming season, he was happy to give a few teases about Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Caroline (Candice Accola), and the first three drama-filled episodes.

We want to know what causes more concern for Klaus: Marcel or his unborn child right now?

I think it's whatever's going to give him the power that he feels he deserves. So right now, I think it's Marcel, but he's come to terms with the idea that maybe the baby doesn't need to be killed right away. He's at that stage with the whole pending fatherhood. But I think, really, right now it's about putting a plan into place where he can kind of manipulate the throne from Marcel. But he's going to have to do it in an underhanded way because Marcel has hundreds if not thousands of vampires by his side. So Klaus is just a one-man army. So yeah, I think it's taking the throne back. I think that's his priority right now.

On Vampire Diaries, you were the villain. What do you feel you are on The Originals?

I think the anti-hero. The antagonist. I think he's always going to be flawed, Klaus, and that's one of the things I love about him. The day that he becomes perfect or too good or too sentimental, I'll stop wanting to do my job. But I know that's not going to happen. I know it's not because they're too clever, and they're too good at their job — the writers and Julie Plec, the creator. I mean, he's the villain who we've somehow started to root for, you know? And I believe it's because they've written those scenes that allow us to understand him, and now we've started to understand why he's petulant. Why he's so angry. Why he is prone to these bursts of temper, and we've forgiven some terrible things he's done. So I mean, it's possible there's hope for redemption for him, but I still think he'll always be the anti-hero, the villain that we kind of love but still a villain.

Speaking of redemption, how is the relationship with Caroline, now that he's gone away?

Look, it was never intended to be what it is. I think it was just going to be that scene on her birthday, Episode 11 of Season 3 where he saves her with his blood. Everyone forgets that he was the one who caused her to be bitten. He saves her with his blood and gives her an idea of what the world could have to offer her, and people kind of freaked out about that scene. So it became this thing where he's wooing her. So I'm not sure what the future holds. We know there will be crossovers between the shows. We know that. We know the last thing he said to her was, “I intend to be your last love.” I don't think they dangle that carrot and not come through with anything. I know I'm going to be in every episode of The Originals. But we film half an hour away from The Vampire Diaries. So it's still possible that they'll use what little free time I have drag me out the to set in Decatur and film some of that.

Nothing in the writing indicates there’s lingering feelings?

You know, I read the first three episodes of The Originals, and there's nothing on the nose like you're talking about where Klaus sits there and goes, “God. I really miss Caroline.” There's nothing on the nose like that, but they certainly carry that with him. And I tried to carry that with me as a character because I do believe she affected him like that. As much as he wants to be there, in New Orleans, he is taking that with him. And I believe it will come around again. There will be some sort of resolve or some sort of hope that something.

Apparently, s**t goes down at the end of the third episode. Can we elaborate?

S**t goes down at the end of Episode 1 and 2, 3, yeah, for sure. I mean, [Episode] 1 is crazy. Like the end of Episode 1, yeah. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say. Three is amazing. I mean, you guys know that one is a retelling of the pilot, right? So it's from Elijah's point of view. Two, we learn a little more about Marcel, some of his backstory, and 3 is just awesome. Three is one of my — ah, I don't know if it's my favorite — well, maybe it's my favorite. It's pretty good. I've got some amazing bits. I can't elaborate any further, but it's so exciting. I really want to tell you guys what's going on in 3. No, I can't. But it's amazing. It's really, really amazing. And that's so encouraging to see three scripts, all of which are really good because I'm hoping by the third or fourth episode, we'll know if we're picked up for the back nine. So I feel like good scripts is a good start.