The Originals’ Julie Plec on the Hybrid Baby: It’s a Source of Mystery
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals’ Julie Plec on the Hybrid Baby: It’s a Source of Mystery

We’ve heard a lot of actors on Vampire Diaries’ upcoming spin-off say that The Originals will definitely be darker than TVD, and executive producer Julie Plec confirmed that at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.

Plec told reporters, “It’s more Gothic, for sure. We’re gonna let ourselves get away with more words and tones that I used to scold some of the writers on The Vampire Diaries about. There’s definitely a Shakespearean element to the show; there’s definitely a bolder tone to it. And that’s really exciting, frankly, to be able to finally do what we always had to stop ourselves from doing [on The Vampire Diaries].” So exciting!

She also added that even though the new series is about a struggle between two brothers, it will differ from TVD another way: “The Originals is about, in its own way, a brother, Elijah, who has watched his family fracture over and over and over again for a thousand years, and has watched, in particular, his brother go so dark and really really crumble psychologically over centuries, who gets a glimpse of a chance at redemption — not just for his brother, but for his entire family legacy … It’s like the salvation of the family unit in the midst of a war that is happening. It’s about control of a town, as opposed to two vampires trying to control a girl.”

And Julie said fans won’t have to wait long to learn more about Klaus and Marcel’s background: “We’re going to unfold a lot of the story over the first season, starting almost immediately with the second episode, where we’re going to show some flashbacks of the first time Klaus and Marcel met, when Marcel was maybe a 10-year-old boy. We’re going to slowly but surely … see how this friendship was born, what it meant to Klaus, how it ended, and why them coming back together is fraught with so many different emotions … jealousy and love and loyalty and betrayal … we dive right in.” Wait. Klaus met Marcel when the king of New Orleans was a little boy?! Oh man. We can’t wait to learn more.

Plec hinted at some possible series crossovers too, saying, “We have plans for Matt, for Rebekah, for Caroline, for Klaus … in a perfect world, even Katherine and Elijah, to revisit those pairings. We haven’t gotten to that section of the storybreak yet to know if they fit with the other.” Please, please, please! We’d love to see more of all those couples. Just imagine the fangs and fur flying between Caroline and Hayley if the blond bombshell showed up in New Orleans.

Speaking of Hayley, what about that baby? Julie said, “The baby is the smoking gun — the bullet that got fired. For Elijah, that’s his catalyst; his call to arms. It’ll be the thing that inspires him, it will be what mystifies him, it will be a source of mystery for everybody, because a hybrid baby? What does that mean? I don’t know. Let’s not forget that there’s a lot of history and bloodlines all coming into this one child.” Oh, we haven’t forgotten anything! We have a feeling that is gonna be one hell of a birth.

Sounds like things are going to get very complicated, very fast. If only we didn’t have to wait until October 3 to learn just how much!

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