The Originals’ Leah Pipes on Cami: She’s Honorable But Powerless — Exclusive
The Originals’ Leah Pipes on Cami: She’s Honorable But Powerless — Exclusive
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals’ Leah Pipes on Cami: She’s Honorable But Powerless — Exclusive


We kind of fell in love with Leah Pipes — who plays Cami on The CW’s new show The Originals — while talking to her at the CBS Summer TCA All-Star party. You’ll see why when you read what she has to say about Claire Holt (Rebekah). The actress also teased what viewers can expect from The Vampire Diaries spin-off. Prepare yourselves for Season 1, Episode 3!

Wetpaint Entertainment: So let's recap a little. What is in the extended pilot?

Leah Pipes: The extended pilot, well, we're actually filming a new pilot from a different perspective. So there's an extended pilot that is more introducing the new characters and introducing the character that you didn't meet in the backdoor pilot, Davina [Danielle Campbell], a very beautiful, young witch that's sort of kept away in an attic. And then, as a different perspective, you get to see what was happening in the background of the actual pilot, which is so interesting and intriguing.

What can you say about that? What didn't we see.

We didn't see what Elijah was up to, you'll notice.

For your character, what do you think are the major arcs we're going to see in the first season?

I think you're going to meet a girl that at first, you're going to wonder why she is the way she is, and as you discover what was happened in her past that made her who she is, she's going to become a relatable and honorable woman. And I hope people enjoy that story.

Can we narrow it down at all? What's this thing? What has happened to her?

You know, a hard thing. She's gone through hardships, and she is guarded because of those hardships. And we all have gone through hardships, and I think it's how she's dealing with it now and how she has to stay strong and is a very, very strong woman and a good woman. And we'll see if that is challenged by any vampires.

So relationship wise, who does she lean on or butt heads against?

Right now, it seems like she's pretty much leaning on herself, and anyone who's offering a shoulder to lean on, she's not accepting it. She's very independent and headstrong and very intuitive of what — men especially, are really about and will challenge men to be better, which I wish I did in life. Luckily, I now know what I should have said to all those guys that didn't treat me right.

So if it happens again, now?

I have a script. I'm like, wait, wait, wait. Scene three, okay. This is what I want to say to you.

Who should be wary?

Everyone, are you kidding? Have you watched the show? Everyone. Trust no one, and she doesn't have any superpowers, poor thing. She's screwed, but hopefully she'll make some alliances. I think she's a charming young woman, so hopefully, someone with power will take her under his or her wing.

Who do you have most of your scenes with?

Actually, it's been surprisingly spread out. I've got to work with everyone but Danielle.

And with whom is the story line that's most exciting to you?

You know, I love working with everyone. I love working with Claire [Holt] just out of my own personal – because she's so fun and she's so talented. And sometimes when you're bored, you can just stare at her beautiful face and pass the time. Just looking at her. Sometimes it gets a little creepy. She asked me to stop, but I don't.

You've done some CW shows in the past; what feels different?

I mean, I've always cared about my shows. I'm really excited about the show I'm on, but it didn't seem like anybody else really was. So now, so many people are excited about what I'm doing which is great. Now, I'm not the only one watching my show. I'm so glad to be on the CW again. They've been so good to me, and I think this is just going to be a wonderful experience for everyone including the viewers, mostly the viewers.

Any teasers you want to impart, however vague?

I can tell you that I read Episode 3, and I cannot wait to read Episode 4. Episode 3, s**t goes down already. I mean, s**t is going down, and I just want to know what happens next.

They're really not messing around?

No. They're not. It's a show that – I am a very picky person when it comes to TV shows, movies, books, and the second I get a script, I open up my email and I read it. Not because I'm a professional, but because I am a huge fan of my show.

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