The Originals: Leah Pipes Talks Klaus, Shirtlessness, and a Direwolves
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals: Leah Pipes Talks Klaus, Shirtlessness, and a Direwolves

Every supernatural show needs at least one human element. In The Vampire Diaries, we have the blue-eyed quarterback, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig), and on The Originals, it seems that Cami (Leah Pipes), the psychology student/bartender, is the only human who hasn’t quite caught on to the fact that she’s living in a rather dangerous supernatural playground. But maybe that’s a good thing.

Leah Pipes told Hollywood Crush that she actually wouldn’t mind Cami remaining human. “I feel like it's a great thing because I just get to react in a normal way to what's happening around me,” Pipes said.

But after catching the attention of both Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in the pilot episode, surely it won’t be long before Cami figures out that the men around her aren’t exactly your Average Joes, right? “She's literally surrounded by supernatural people so she's going to have to be a huge idiot if she doesn't pick up on [the fact that] something's up,” said Leah.

However, in the meantime, what’s Cami going to be up to? We can’t imagine she will be living a perfectly happy life behind the bar while Klaus and Marcel rage war in her town. Leah says, “I think the friends she's making are a little suspect and there's a lot of drama happening around her.” Maybe she should give Matt Donovan a call. We’re sure he could sympathize (also, wouldn’t they be an attractive couple?!).

Speaking of romance, a lot of fans are very curious about the interaction between Cami and Klaus in the pilot. Could she be a potential love interest? Or is Caroline still the apple of Klaus’ eye? “I don't know if it's romantic,” she said of the attraction between the two. “I think it could easily be a friendship. It's right now a mutual interest.”

A mutual interest that could grow into something more? We’re not sure. Pipes won’t spill on whether there are any kissing scenes in her future, but she definitely wouldn’t be against shirtlessness (for others, of course). “Everyone should be shirtless. But not me. Everyone but me should be shirtless. I have double As—you don't want to see me shirtless. It's not interesting. It might as well be a 12-year-old boy shirtless. It doesn't matter. No one cares.” We’re not so sure about that, but we do love when our Originals strip down.

We sincerely hope Cami’s on vervaine, makes friends with Davina or does something else to help her in this town. Then again, if Marcel is running the French Quarter, we highly doubt there’s any vervaine for miles, and Davina’s stuck in that pesky attic. So maybe Cami’s best bet is to join the supernatural world. But as what? “We haven't talked about it yet, but I'm going to throw out there that I would like to be a new kind of hybrid that's werewolf, witch, and vampire. And doppelganger, and maybe a direwolf. What would you even call that?” Awesome. That’s what we would call that.

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