The Originals’ Marcel in a New Tarot Card Promo Photo
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals’ Marcel in a New Tarot Card Promo Photo

Just when we wanted to learn more about the mysterious Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), a new tarot card promo photo from The Originals’ Twitter feed arrives! The card is Le Pape — or the Pope, features the king of New Orleans in all his delicious baddie glory.

In The Originals backdoor pilot, Marcel greeted his sire Klaus (Joseph Morgan) with open arms — but he quickly tried to put the hybrid in his place. “What’s mine is yours, but it is mine,” he said. “I’m not the prince of the quarter, friend. I’m the king!” What little we know about him makes Marcel out to be somewhat mercurial — jovial and generous most of the time, he still jealously guards his power and relishes his position at the top.

The site has the following description of the Pope card: Upright, the card represents “ritual and routine, religious guidance and authority, education.” Someone who gets this card is “a truth seeker, searching for knowledge and wisdom.” This is a side of Marcel we haven’t seen — yet.

When reversed, the card can mean “misleading or dubious advice, poor counsel.” The holder should “beware slander and propaganda.” Right now, Marcel has tight control of New Orleans’ reins. Could that change if Klaus starts whispering untruths into the ears of the city’s vampires?

Source: Twitter