The Originals Promo Video For Season 1 — Who Is Marcel’s Secret Weapon?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals Promo Video For Season 1 — Who Is Marcel’s Secret Weapon?

To say we’re excited for The Originals spin-off to debut this fall would be a gross understatement. After the backdoor pilot premiered as part of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, we knew we had a hit show on our hands!

Of course, we’d watch the original pilot again in a heartbeat, but The CW has decided to give us a special treat! Thanks to a screener sent over by the network, we now know that the premiere will air much of the scenes we’ve already viewed, as well as bonus footage.

In this brand new promo video for the Season 1 premiere, Klaus gives some backstory about his family and what brought them to the French Quarter in the first place.

“For a thousand years, my family searched the world for a place to call home, finding it in a muddy patch of land called New Orleans.”

Klaus returns to his old stomping grounds and greets his former protege Marcel. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the reunion everyone was hoping for. Klaus soon learns that Marcel has completely taken over the city, and Klaus longs for the power that Marcel has somehow won.

“Why don’t you tell me what it is you’ve been up to in my town,” says Klaus. “What of the witches? In my day, they were a force to be reckoned with.”

“Vampires rule this city now,” Marcel explains. Seconds later, he asserts his power by killing witch Jane-Anne Deveraux... just because he can.

Thankfully, it’s brother Elijah to the rescue! He brings Klaus to Jane-Anne’s sister Sophie, who explains just how far Marcel has gone. When he demands Klaus team up with the witches in order to stop him, she unleashes a surprise no one could see coming.

Yep — werewolf Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’s hybrid baby, and Sophie intends to use it to her advantage. “If you don’t help us take down Marcel, this girl and her baby will die.”

Not surprisingly, Klaus doesn’t care about the child. All he wants is power. When he asks Marcel to tell him how he knows the witches are breaking the rules, the vamp replies coolly: “Maybe I’ve got a secret weapon. I control the witches in my town. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Cut to an innocent-looking girl locked in room alone — except she’s not as innocent as shes seems. It quickly becomes clear that this girl, a witch named Davina, has power beyond her age, and that Marcel is using her for his own mission.

Don’t miss the all-new promo from Season 1 of The Originals, coming this fall!

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