The Originals Season 1: Alexandra Metz Joins as Witch Katie
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals Season 1: Alexandra Metz Joins as Witch Katie

New Orleans is getting even more magical now that Chicago Fire’s Alexandra Metz has joined The Originals. According to Deadline, she’s been cast as Katie, yet another witch.

Alexandra seems thrilled to join The Vampire Diaries spin-off. She tweeted at Originals director Chris Grismer, “such a pleasure workin w you! work rain or shine (or crazy lightning bolts) & so much fun. have fun editing! can't wait to see.”

Much like another magical newcomer, Sabine, Katie has secrets. We’re not quite sure what the other witch has planned (just that she’s leading an underground group of witches), but Katie’s plot could upset all the supernaturals in New Orleans.

For those of you keeping track, that’s four witches Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) has to keep an eye on, now: Katie, Sabine, Sophie (Daniella Pineda), and Davina (Danielle Campbell). If you saw the director’s cut of the backdoor pilot, then you know Davina, a powerful 16-year-old, is the key to the king of New Orleans’ witch domination.

But it’s not just supernaturals who are crowding into the Louisiana city. A priest named Kieran is also headed back to the bayou. While he used to keep the peace between feuding supernatural factions, the padre currently has his own demons to work out.

With all the new witches, we can’t help but wonder if they’re building an army against Marcel and his vampires. And if so, who will win the war?

Source: Deadline

08.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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