The Originals Season 1 Spoilers: A Flashback Will Happen!
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals Season 1 Spoilers: A Flashback Will Happen!

October cannot come fast enough for fans of The Vampire Diaries and its highly-anticipated spin-off The Originals! The new CW series is still filming and makes its debut on October 15. Who’s ready for some great TVD/Originals crossovers? We know we are!

We spied this photo of Joseph Morgan as Klaus and Daniel Gillies as Elijah in full flashback mode, including period garb and scruffy long wigs, so one of the first few episodes must be a flashback! And we just have to say that no matter what these two dashing originals are wearing, we’re totally supportive.

Oh man. We can’t wait to learn even more info about the Mikaelson family's tragic past … and hopefully since it’s a flashback episode we’ll see more members of their ancient fam! More Rebekah in flowy peasant dresses, perhaps? Or one of the other siblings we haven’t seen much of lately? Maybe Mama or Papa Mikaelson will even make an epic return!

The suspense is killing us!

Who do you think will show up on The Originals flashback episode? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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