The Originals Season 1 Spoilers: A Roundup
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The Vampire Diaries

The Originals Season 1 Spoilers: A Roundup

While The Originals Season 1 premiere date was recently moved up to October 3, we’re still dying to know what to expect from the new CW show. With Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Rebekah (Claire Holt), and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) moving over from The Vampire Diaries, there’s bound to be bloodshed, family squabbles, and lots of hot vampire hookups.

Hybrid Klaus has returned to New Orleans to find Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), his old friend, has moved up the ranks and is the head vampire in charge. This rankles the Original, but what really shocks him is learning from witch Sophie (Daniella Pineda)

that werewolf Hayley is pregnant with his child. Talk about a one-night stand gone wrong!

But there’s much more to the story than that. We’ve rounded up all the juiciest spoilers for Season 1 to hopefully make the wait for October 3 a tad easier.


Don’t expect to see a baby bump right away. “I think we’ll aim for a four-to-five month type of show, versus a three month,” Julie Plec explains.

And she’ll probably be pregnant for a while.

Still, it won’t all be sitting around, knitting booties: The werewolf wants to find her family.

Meanwhile, she’ll be busy “reassessing” her relationship with Klaus.

Don’t worry, Klaroline fans: Julie promises, “Hayley is, by no means, the Cinderella in the Klaus love story.”


Season 1, Episode 1 is told from Elijah’s perspective. Julie says, “It’s the story of a brother coming into town to try and figure out what happened with his younger, black sheep brother [Klaus]. So he’s kind of playing detective a bit. We get to see scenes that existed in the [backdoor] pilot, but more from Elijah’s point of view.

Does Elijah still love Katherine? Daniel Gillies thinks so.

Unfortunately, Klaus and Elijah will still have some tension when The Originals picks up.


Klaus’s parenting skills may reflect the fact that his own mom and step-dad were kind of lousy.

Julie explains, "This is absolutely not Papa Klaus nursing and changing diapers and suddenly being a good guy, nor will it ever be."

We’ll meet at least one lady who has the hots for Klaus: his ex, Celeste.

Joseph Morgan says there haven’t been any scenes yet of Klaus missing Caroline — yet.

There’s a good reason Klaus can’t charge in and kill Marcel.


As one of the few humans amongst monsters, Cami (Leah Pipes) is vulnerable. If the psychology student is smart, she’ll make some alliances.

Marcel apparently wants her for his queen.

But will she be a love interest for Klaus instead?

Speaking of, Daniel Gillies think there will be new lovers for everyone.


Poor Rebekah. She might end up in another coffin!

It sounds like the Original sis is over Matt: She wants to meet boys in New Orleans!

Besides, even hunky Matt can’t compete with family, in Rebekah’s eyes. (Well, it’s mostly Elijah she’s sticking around for.)

Miscellaneous and new faces

A priest named Kieran is joining the cast.

We’ll get a glimpse of Esther, the Original witch.

Chicago Fire’s Alexandra Metz will play Katie, a witch with a powerful secret. Her plot could upset all the supernaturals in New Orleans. Yikes!

A new witch named Sabine is in touch with many of the New Orleans magical brethren. Marcel probably doesn’t like that!

Sabine should be careful, though. Marcel has a secret weapon: witch Davina (Danielle Campbell).

A lost tourist named Josh ends up where he shouldn’t — on Marcel’s turf.

There will be flashbacks — almost right away!

Perhaps it’s Season 1, Episode 2, when we learn more of Marcel’s backstory.

Are you excited for The Originals? Catch the premiere, Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET, after the Season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries!

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