Selena Gomez

Orlando Bloom Reacts to Rumors He’s Dating Selena Gomez (VIDEO)

Word to the wise: Stop your brainstorming now on what to call an Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez romantic mashup. If Orlando’s reaction to recent questioning on whether he’s dating the former Disney star is any indication, these two aren’t getting serious any time soon.

The 37-year-old U.K. star (who’s 16 years Selena’s senior) was on his way back home after attending the 2014 Tony Awards. Paparazzi caught him exiting the airport and, of course, had to check in on Orlando’s love life. It’s just a handful of months ago he and Orlando Bloom broke up and it’s unclear how ready Orlando is to mingle now that he’s (supposedly) single.

We hesitate to say he’s totally available since, the way Miranda tells it, she and her ex are still as close as ever. Granted, they do have a child together, 3-year-old Flynn.

Former flames aside, could Orlando be moving on with Ms. Gomez, the lady he was spotted chatting on a curbside with in April? Plenty of sources say the two celebs are not actually an item and now, after seeing Orlando’s reaction to that particular line of questioning, we tend to agree with the naysayers. Watch the video above to see the actor’s surprising response for yourself.

What do you think? Orlando just acting or nothing there to tell?