Orphan Black Season 2: Is Paul Good or Evil?
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Orphan Black Season 2: Is Paul Good or Evil?

We certainly have our reasons to doubt Mrs. S’s allegiance to Sarah (Tatina Maslany), but should we be keeping a close eye on Paul (Dylan Bruce) as well? Beth’s former monitor has already had a relationship with Sarah (to be fair, he thought she was Beth) and after Rachel’s monitor, Daniel, was killed by Helena, Paul stepped in to take his place, meaning that he’s now doing Rachel’s bidding.

Paul’s only been taking orders from Rachel for a short time, but already he’s managed to have sex with her and plant Felix’s (Jordan Gavaris) fingerprints on the gun Daniel used to kill the police officer outside Cal’s (Michiel Huisman) cabin. Not great for someone who once seemed to be on Sara’s side. But is he really evil, or is he just doing what Rachel asks of him because he has no other choice?

Dylan spoke to The Hollywood Reporter after the May 17 episode, and he weighed in on Paul’s questionable motives and actions. “He’s a master manipulator,” Dylan said of his character. “It is forced, but only to a certain extent. He’s doing something that’s trying to progress his own agenda. He’s not just a patsy. He’s got a few tricks up his own sleeve. At the same time, I think he actually is a little terrified of Rachel. I think everybody is.”

In other words, Paul isn’t just a doormat, but he’s not exactly willing to defy Rachel either. At least not yet. Still, in Dylan’s mind, Paul didn’t enjoy framing Felix. He explains, “[Paul] was not pleased at all with having to do what he had to do. That was a necessity to do that. When he takes the gun out of the bag and Felix is like ‘What are you doing Paul?’ it was more like an air of disappointment. If Paul didn't do it, [Rachel] would have gotten rid of him herself.”

In spite of all of that, Dylan feels Paul’s role as Rachel’s monitor could help him promote his own agenda. “He’s in a situation right now where it's definitely to his advantage. The fact that Daniel is out of the picture, Paul's not a disposable asset anymore,” Dylan notes. “Now he can become a usable force. That helps him out and helps him progress his own cause. It seems like he's being blackmailed into doing this, but there is something much bigger that this guy is involved with. That's about all I can say about that. He would want nothing more than to burn the Dyad corporation to the ground, I think.”

Color us intrigued! If Paul feels badly about framing Felix and would burn Dyad to the ground then we’d say that makes him good, but this “bigger” thing that he’s involved with has us slightly worried. Dylan concludes that we’ll slowly be learning a bit more about Paul’s agenda as Season 2 roles on, noting. “You'll find out this season tidbits, just snippets of it. That will [lead] to the next season. He's very mysterious, isn't he?”

Mysterious indeed! Do you think Paul is a good guy in a tough spot, or is he totally evil? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

Orphan Black Season 2 airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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