Orphan Black Speculation: Will Felix Become Sarah’s Monitor?
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Orphan Black Speculation: Will Felix Become Sarah’s Monitor?

As fans of Orphan Black well know, the folks at the Dyad Institute like to keep close tabs on their intellectual property by assigning a monitor to each unwitting clone (all played masterfully by Tatiana Maslany). Even so, a couple of their subjects have managed to slip through the cracks — namely Sarah Manning and her womb-mate, Helena. Now that these two are known to the meddlesome organization, however, we have to believe the sketchy organization will want to try to keep tabs on its intellectual property by any means necessary.

The idea of having a monitor for someone like crazy Helena is obviously virtually impossible, but grifter Sarah does have one non-clone in her life that might be exploitable: her foster bro, Felix (Jordan Gavaris). Could Leakie (Matt Frewer) and his colleagues possibly exploit Fe to keep Sarah close at hand?

Honestly, before the start of Season 2, we would have thought that impossible, but then we got to thinking about some thoughts Jordan shared in an interview just before the Season 2 premiere. First off, Jordan alludes to some possible friction in Fe and Sarah’s relationship, with Fe having “some really big decisions to make.”

Now, we guess that could just as easily mean Felix will decide to distance himself from Sarah’s increasingly dangerous life. However, Jordan also mentions that his character will form “new bonds and relationships outside the Clone Club,” but the actor was rather ambiguous about whether those new people in his life are friend or foe.

Then again, it could very well be that Sarah already has a monitor: Siobhan, aka Mrs. S.

Before dying, Sarah’s birth mother, Amelia, warned her daughter that her foster mum isn’t who she appears to be. Sure enough, a photo of a younger Siobhan seems to indicate she had at least some behind-the-scenes involvement with the clone experiment at one point in time.

One things for sure, though — there’s no way the folks at Dyad are letting Sarah out of their sight if it’s up to them.

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