Jennifer Lawrence Swings Her Arm Fat on the Oscars 2014 Red Carpet! (VIDEO)
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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Swings Her Arm Fat on the Oscars 2014 Red Carpet! (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence has always looked fabulous, but she chose to look flab-ulous on the Oscars red carpet last night (March 2) — unabashedly and deliberately wiggling her arm fat after waving to her adoring fans — and we love her all the more for it!

As you can see in the Vine below, E! Online captured the three-time Oscar nominee shaking her bingo wings, her whale flippers, her flying squirrels… whatever you wanna call 'em.

Listen, all of us (who aren't Michelle Obama) have wiggly areas. So why shouldn't we be like Jen and embrace our less flattering body parts?

J.Law has never been one to mince words about her love for food and her disdain for Hollywood's fat-shaming culture.

In November, the 23-year-old Hunger Games superstar gave a thoughtful and incisive speech about pop culture's misguided values: "[Weight-obsessed critics] put values on all the things that are wrong and that it's OK to just point at people and call them 'ugly' and call them 'fat.' And they call it 'fun' and [say] 'Welcome to the real world.' And it's like, that shouldn't be the real world. It's gonna keep being the real world if we keep it that way. It's not until we stop treating each other like that and just stop calling each other 'fat' and stop with these unrealistic expectations for women … It's something that really bothers me… because I love to eat."

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