In his storied career, John Travolta has had to memorize thousands of lines and spit them back out perfectly in front of cameras and audiences, but at last night’s Oscar’s, he flubbed up the name of a major Broadway legend — even with the help of a teleprompter.

We waited impatiently all night for Idina Menzel to take the stage to perform “Let It Go” from Frozen — which took home Best Animated Picture — and when the time finally came, John totally butchered Idina’s name, creating an entirely new identity for her.

“Here to perform the Oscar nominated, gorgeously empowering song, ‘Let It Go,’ from the Oscar winning animated movie, Frozen, please welcome the wickedly talented one and only Adele Dazeem,” John said… and altogether, the audience cringed in unison.

Mispronouncing a name? Totally understandable — we’ve all been there. Roll call on the first day of school every single year, anyone? But the name John spit out wasn’t even a little bit like Idina’s actual name. You had one job, Travolta!

Not that it affected the massive epicness of the moment, though. Adele — um, Idina — sang her heart out, leaving us wanting for nothing, except maybe for Kristen Bell to join her on stage for an impromptu performance of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

Need to experience the awkward moment for yourself? Watch the video below — if you’re us, five or six times ought to do it to really let it sink in.

Credit: AOL Photo: John Travolta Can't Pronounce Idina Menzel's Name (VIDEO)