Grey’s Anatomy: When Will the Other Cast Members Renew Their Contracts?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: When Will the Other Cast Members Renew Their Contracts?

We're all still giddy over the news that Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) and Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) have signed on the dotted line to come back for Seasons 11 and 12 — but we're sweating over the other Grey's stars whose contracts expire this year!

That group of actors includes all the series regulars who've been on the show since season 1: Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber). It also includes Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres), even though she came to the show later.

Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) has also been around since day one, but she revealed in September that this would be her last season.

So when will we know which of the toss-ups will be back for Season 11?

"We should know by the end of February," Michael Ausiello of TVLine writes.

And he even feels certain of the outcome: "I'll bet my entire Smurf collection — including Gargamel's Castle — that they'll all be back (sans Sandra Oh, of course)."

Those are strong words — Michael Ausiello is a huge Smurfs fan and wouldn't give up his collectibles easily!

And if any of those actors are undecided on the idea of returning, they should heed what Ellen told the New York Post: "Actors always think the grass is greener somewhere else — I didn’t want to do that. I have an amazing life. I have a house five minutes from the studio, I have a house in the Hamptons, a house in Malibu, a beautiful daughter whom I see every night, and it's all because I didn't leave Grey's Anatomy."

Source: TVLine, New York Post

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