Pretty Little Liars: Our Dream “A” Team
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Our Dream “A” Team

Right now on Pretty Little Liars, the status of the "A" team is a big ol' questionmark. Seriously, we might be more confused about it than we've ever been. After the Season 4 summer finale it looks like Red Coat and the (current) "A" team are at odds, Ezra may or may not be on the "A" team, and the Jenna/Shana/Melissa/Wren(/Mona?) mess is also a factor that could swing any which way.

So, fine. We don't know who's on the "A" team. We barely even know how many different teams there are, let alone what goals they have. What we do know is the characters. So, for fun, we've decided to build our dream "A" team — the one we think would be the most fun, interesting, and scary.

Are we saying this is how the show is going to shake out? Not at all. We're just saying it would be pretty cool if it did.

Ezra. We're all about the idea that Ezra really and truly is part of the "A" team. It flips all of our expectations on their heads. Sure, he may not be Big "A", but if he's not involved in some way we're going to be very sad.

Aria. Hey, we said "dream," right? Aria being part of the "A" team would be a mind blowing twist that would rank near the top of the all time biggest TV shocks ever, and for that alone we think it would be cool to see. Plus, while we like Aria, watching her go dark would be fascinating.

Lucas. We want to believe that Lucas is more than a pawn in other peoples' games, and we love the idea that his geeky, intimidating persona is all an act.

Wren. While we'd prefer it if Jenna and Melissa are on their own team, with their own agenda, we're all about the idea of Wren playing as many sides as possible. There's just something off about this guy.

Mona — Some of the Time. We like the idea of Mona as a free agent who's out for herself. Sometimes she's working with the "A" team, sometimes she turns against them... It's all about what serves her best.

Why would be on your dream "A" team? Sound off in the comments below.

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